AU School of Communication is American University’s dedicated college for communication studies, public relations and journalism.
In order to stand out against competing communication programs at other DC-area universities, I created a branding identity design style unique to SOC.​​​​​​​
Tia Milledge
Director, Communication & Outreach
Jan 2019 – Jan 2021
Over 150+ Projects Completed
My Role
Lead Designer
• Digital Event Promotional Graphics
• Flyer and Brochure Design
• Exterior Banner Designs

• 1,400+ Instagram followers, 7,800+ Facebook likes
Exterior Department Banners and Door Panels
For the school's exterior banners which distinguish its many program departments, the design follows a more formal style in line with the overall American University brand—retaining a strong sense of professionalism and AU brand recognition, especially when these banners are usually the first brand representation of SOC that prospective students will see when visiting the school.
Large-scale door panels used to promote the current and upcoming events at the school follow simple but consistent typographic and layout standards, to further instill a sense of professionalism when representing SOC to a broader, less familiar audience.
Event Promotional Graphics
Social, Monitor, and Print Designs
For promotional event graphics, our team used size variation on posts for various social platforms, using the design style I created to distinguish the school’s branding from the five other colleges at the University.
Social Story Designs
I established a visual style unique to SOC, using a dot halftone pattern and bold typography, while still staying within the constraints of the American University style guide. Colorful gradients and the dotted texture bring dimension and depth to the designs, and help ensure text readability over illustration and photography.
Holiday Card and Social Graphics
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
One-Sheet Flyer Design
Social Graphics

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