The Natural History Museum in Washington, DC is one of the most popular natural history museums in the world.
NHM's exhibits and research are split into seven departments—which use distinct icons and color families to represent the breadth of collections across the museum.
4 weeks
Research and logo: 2 weeks
Branding Guidelines and print design: 2 weeks
My Role
Branding and logo design
Print design
∙ Branding Guidelines
∙ Stationery and Admission Tickets
∙ Exterior Banners
∙ Museum and Gift Shop Collateral

Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign
Refresh a brand identity for the Natural History Museum to make learning about natural history fun for all ages.​​​​​​​
Brand Identity Guidelines
Print Design
Business Cards
Business cards can be used as personal cards for employees, or to represent the larger NHM brand, using the generic primary blue brand cards. Business cards can also be used to represent general departments or programs, with the name of the program replacing the primary title instead of the name on a card.
Admission Tickets
Each ticket is printed from a roll with the seven departments in a random order – with a ticket unique to each member within a group’s party, guests can have fun discovering which icon and department they’ll receive on their ticket.
Admission type and entry price are printed using the ticket machine – while members receive free admission, they are still given a ticket to save as a personal souvenir and memento of their museum visit.
Exterior Banners
The 5 banners use a color overlay and photography styling within the Museum Shop sub-brand, using the department logos along with monochromatic gradient to capture the distinctions of the museum's vast collection.
Museum Shop
Gift Bags
Social Media Design
See Also: NHM Website Design
In addition to creating the full set of print and branding collateral for Natural History Museum, I also designed digital social posts and a dynamic website design for the museum's landing page.

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