DC Arts Festival is an arts festival showcasing the work of art creators from the Washington, DC area which highlights all types of art—painting, sculpture, architecture, design, music, and photography.
3 weeks
Wireframing and Branding: 1 week
Web Design: 1 week
Protoyping: 1 week
My Role
Brand and logo design
Web design
Showcase this year's theme—A Celebration of Black Voices—featuring the DC area's most prominent Black artists, designers, musicians, and creatives.
Create an engaging and interactive web experience that allows for exploration and discovery of the event and speaker series.

– Youthful
– Fun
– Colorful
– Bold
– Inclusive
Original Wireframes
These wireframes served as inspiration for the general structure of the site, with the three images as 'frames' which would fill the viewport with the active experience—Home, Explore, or RSVP—each indicated by an icon in the navigation on the bottom left.
The branding was inspired by 70s type and color, expressing vibrancy and friendliness through color—both using the gradient version of the logo and using each color distinctly, to differentiate the five events. I used ITC Avant Garde Gothic as a base for the logo, and adjusted a few letters to provide more of a dynamic feel, suggesting movement.
Logo Variations
Color Palette
Interactive Design

(Animated images may be slower to load on older devices.)
Splash (Home)
As the Explore page presents the user with more of an open-ended experience, a brief onboarding tutorial helps them understand what actions they can take, and encourage interactivity. They can use arrow keys or trackpad to pan the map and customize the map view to filter Metro lines, along with tap event pins to find more information.
The main section of the site—'Explore'—offers the user with a full screen view of the map of DC, with an overlay of pins representing the location of the events. I emphasized the Metro lines as a main element of the map, making the event accessible to those who take public transportation. The Metro icons are color coded, with text identifying the lines for users who may have color blindness.
Users can view all five speaker's names, titles, and the time and date of their associated event on that day of the festival. Clicking on the event title will bring up the vertical event card list.
These event cards present the event information in an engaging, carousel format. The numbered event pins remain fixed to the respective card to bring unity to the various screens of this Explore experience.
Users can add their name to the mailing list on the final RSVP screen to stay tuned for more information to come leading up to the week of the event.
This site serves as a celebration of Black artists and creatives native to DC. Working on this project, I learned more about the Black art and design community of DC and found inspiration in the work and art made by the featured speakers.
I loved working on the branding for this project, and find that the color palette and type combination brings a sense of excitement to the event, and works well with the dark background to make the colors stand out.


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